About Me

 I’m Cheryl Walker and I am a qualified dog trainer and canine behaviourist.

But some years ago I worked in a print store and a week before being made redundant a lady came in to have some flyers printed for her cat sitting business.

I thought…”I can do that”

So I did. I networked with other local sitters and pet professionals who gave me great advice (and some much needed work!)

I learned quickly that cat sitting wouldn’t fill my days so I started dog walking.

As things picked up I changed my vehicle, had to deal with overdue payments and unruly dogs. I was NOT prepared.

As time progressed I learned through experience the best practices, the tips and tricks of the trade and alongside all of this, how to run a business and do my accounts.

There’s a huge amount to learn if you’ve never had to do it before. 

As I got older, and my knees started to creak, I trained to be a trainer and behaviourist and then, after covid left me with some health issues, I had to leave the walking behind me.

I loved being a dog walker. 


I’ve worked hard over the years to keep my credentials up to date but I still think the last one on this list is my favourite.

·  Foundation degree (Level 5) in canine behaviour management

·  WSDA instructor (World scent dogs association) and level 1 competition judge

·   ADTB Puppy level instructor Diploma

·   Diploma in Puppy Training

·   Diploma in canine behaviour training

·  Canine First aider

·  Veterinary Support Assistant Diploma

·  Completed Dr Ian Dunbar’s Sirius academy

·  Owner of an extraordinary working Cocker spaniel called Huckleberry

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