First aid courses for dog walkers (Updated for 2024)

First aid courses for dog walkers (Updated for 2022)

A first aid certificate is a must have for any dog walker, from cut paws to seizures, choking to bee stings, it’s best to be prepared for any eventuality.

Courses tend to be primarily information based rather than hands-on which makes them ideal for online learning but there are plenty of in-person courses available too depending on your preference.

Centre Of Excellence

Centre of Excellence Canine First Aid

A new contender for 2024 with a purely online yet insanely comprehensive course covering;

  • Module 1: The Healthy Dog
  • Module 2: First Aid Equipment and Risk Assessment
  • Module 3: Pain – Assessing and Moving the Injured Dog
  • Module 4: Minor Injuries and Bandaging
  • Module 5: Common First Aid Situations
  • Module 6: Further First Aid Situations
  • Module 7: Whelping and Newborns
  • Module 8: Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation
  • Module 9: Accidents and Emergencies
  • Module 10: Case Studies and Final Assessment

A perfect, work at your own pace course for dog walkers equipping you with the knowledge you need to attend canine first aid situations and be able to carry out quick and comprehensive assessments, apply first aid techniques and manage safety aspects carefully, the Canine First Course is essential!

Currently (2024) £127 but have a check to see if they’re doing one of their special £29 deals

Centre of Excellence Canine First Aid

Dog First Aid
So good I’ve booked them three times to keep my first aid certification up to date so far.

Dog first aid is a franchised company and all three courses I’ve been on were three different franchises in my local area and all three were fantastic.

Knowledgeable, friendly training presented with professionalism. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.

What’s covered?

⦁ The role of a first aider and legal compliance
⦁ The foundations
⦁ How to conduct a full body exam
⦁ How to take your dog’s vitals – pulse, breathing rate and temperature
⦁ Seizures
⦁ Bleeding
⦁ Canine shock
⦁ Gastric dilatation volvulus
⦁ Burns & scalds
⦁ Toxic ingestion
⦁ Heat stroke
⦁ Choking
⦁ Road traffic collisions

Course Specifics

In person Yes
Duration 1/2 day
Costs (2024) £59.95
Online Yes
Duration 1/2 day
Cost (2024) £49.50

The Dog First Aid Co. Ltd
Hosted and written by a registered veterinary nurse, these courses are ofqal regulated and fully comprehensive.

What’s covered?

⦁ Introduction to First Aid
⦁ Patient Assessment
⦁ Handling & Restraint
⦁ Trauma
⦁ Collapse
⦁ Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)
⦁ Injuries to Sensory Organs
⦁ Wounds
⦁ Haemorrhage and Arterial Bleeds
⦁ Fractures
⦁ Bandaging
⦁ Burns and Electrocution
⦁ Insect Stings and Allergic Reactions
⦁ Poisons and Common Toxins
⦁ Adder Bites
⦁ Choking
⦁ Hypoglycaemia
⦁ Hypothermia and Heat Stroke
⦁ Drowning
⦁ Seizures
⦁ Gastric Dilation and Volvulus
⦁ Shock
⦁ Being Prepared

Course Specifics

In person Yes (NE England)
Duration Full day workshop
Costs (2024) £60
Online Yes
Duration Self paced
Cost (2024) £49

British College of Canine Studies (Online only)
If you only have short snippets of time to commit to a course this self-paced online only course might be right for you. All the materials are provided and you return a question paper for marking after each module.

What’s covered?

⦁ UNIT ONE – Preventing and Recognising Illness
⦁ UNIT TWO – Wounds, Bites and Stings
⦁ UNIT THREE – Heart and Respiration
⦁ UNIT FOUR – Muscles and Bones
⦁ UNIT FIVE – Poisoning, Stomach and Digestive
⦁ UNIT SIX – Canine Diseases

Course Specifics

In person No
Duration N/A
Costs (2024) £N/A
Online Yes
Duration Self paced
Cost (2024) £119

National Pet College (Lantra approved)
This seems to be a basic course and they make a point to say that it’s not a substitute for an in person class with practical skills. The college, unfortunately, does not provide a practical course.

Although most organisations will encourage you to update your certificate every three years the duration of validity for this certificate is stated as ‘forever’.

What’s covered?

⦁ Canine First Aid: Primary Assessments
⦁ Secondary assessments
⦁ Tape Muzzle
⦁ Canine First Aid: Bandaging
⦁ How to bandage a dog’s paw
⦁ Bandaging Task
⦁ First aid kit
⦁ Heat stroke
⦁ Seizures
⦁ Shock
⦁ Choking
⦁ Burns
⦁ Insect stings
⦁ First Aid Quiz
⦁ First Aid Tasks

Course Specifics

In person No
Duration N/A
Costs (2024) £N/A
Online Yes
Duration Self paced
Cost (2024) £30

First Aid for pets
This course provides training on a similar list of emergency situations as other providers but seems fairly expensive in comparison.

The basics course is a more reasonable price but doesn’t include CPR training, arguable the most important first aid skill you may need when far from a vet’s surgery.

What’s covered?

⦁ Preparing for an emergency
⦁ Breathing and Circulation
⦁ Unresponsive and Breathing
⦁ Recovery Position
⦁ Unconscious and not breathing
⦁ Resuscitation
⦁ Choking and drowning
⦁ Anaphylactic shock and acute allergic reaction
⦁ Wounds and bleeding
⦁ Bites and Stings
⦁ Burns
⦁ Poisoning
⦁ Breaks, Sprains and Dislocations
⦁ Head Injuries
⦁ Road Traffic accidents – how to help!
⦁ Fitting / Seizures / Convulsions
⦁ Extremes of body temperature
⦁ Final Lesson

Course Specifics

In person Yes but not currently available (March 2022)
Duration 3 Hours
Costs (2024) £Not currently available
Online Yes
Duration Self paced, accessible for 12 months.
Cost (2024) £197 full course, £67 basics option (without CPR)

Animal Courses Direct
A budget conscious offering from animal courses direct. It’s described as a webinar rather than a course, with a short quiz afterwards to check your understanding.

It appears to be a little thin on content compared to other providers but it’s cheap and you’ll probably be finished watching within the hour.

What’s covered?

⦁ Understand the basic principles of first aid for dogs
⦁ Understand how to handle an injured dog
⦁ Understand how to use an improvised first aid equipment
⦁ Understand how to administer CPR

Course Specifics

In person No
Duration N/A
Costs (2023) £N/A
Online Yes
Duration Unknown, webinar.
Cost (2024) £19.95

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