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Its short its simple and its cheap. What more could you want


Zooplus; for all your pet needs. You probably already order your dog food and cat litter but did you know they sell crates, leads and travel bowls too?


Bitiba is part of Zooplus and worth checking out for some items that Zooplus doesn’t have in stock (it’s sometimes cheaper too!)


Purina, the makers of Felix and Pro Plan, have a website where you can order direct.


AATU are a maker of high-quality dog food which I’ve used instead of treats on walks for years. Much more economical, less messy and high quality.


Pooch & Mutt are probably best known for their calming treats but they do a wide range of treats and food for your pooch or mutt.

Where would we be without Amazon? Seat covers, pet safe cleaning sprays, crates, winter boots, sunscreen, water bottles, is there anything you can’t find for you, your dogs or your vehicle there?

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Dogs, dogs and..err…dogs!
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No more smelly litter trays!

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