Our 2024 top picks for drying coats for pro dog walkers

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It’s that time of year and no, it’s certainly not dry January! We’re back to work after our Christmas breaks and we’ve returned to mild but wet, wet, and even wetter weather across much of the UK. So let’s take a look at how best to keep those dogs dry and comfortable on the journey home with our top choices for dog drying coats.


As pro dog walkers we need all of our equipment to be robust and fit for the job. An owner might be washing their dog’s drying coat once or twice a month but we’ll be washing them daily during the wet spells.

They’ve got to be absorbent, easy to put on an excitable dog and come in a range of sizes for our clientele. Oh and bonus points for being quick drying once they’re off the dog so we can use them twice in one day 🙂


Ruff and Tumble is a brand you’re bound to have heard of and for the past ten years have been well known for producing quality items that will last.

Made from sustainably sourced cotton and available in 17 (yes, seventeen) sizes these drying coats will fit all your clients perfectly.

Designed with a roll up collar to catch the drippiest of ears (I’m looking at you…spaniels!) the classic Ruff and Tumble drying robe was the first of it’s kind to hit the market.

The huge belly strap covers the parts that other robes just don’t reach and the thick, double layer cotton toweling does a fantastic job of absorbing every drip of moisture away from the dog and onto the outer toweling layer.

If you’re not sure about the expense, why not try the Ruff and Tumble drying mitts first, made from the same materials, and see how good they are before committing?

Mid Range

The Geyecete dog robe has a fantastic design when it comes to getting these on the dogs with simple but wide velcro straps on the neck and belly. The super wide strap on the belly makes all the difference as it soaks up all the muddy water from that particularly grimy area that the cheaper coats don’t reach.

The double layer toweling draws water away from the dog and to the outer layer keeping the dogs drier and warmer faster.

Available in 7 different sizes this coat will cover all your clients from Chihuahua to Great Dane, and in a choice of colours you’re bound to find once that closely matches your businesses branding too.

Check availability and the latest prices on Amazon here.


Getting anything for a tenner is a gift these days so that makes this drying coat exceptional value for money.

No, it’s not going to last as long as your Ruff and Tumble but if you’re just starting out, or do more pavement walks than muddy wet fields, this might be just the ticket for you.

The Aoweika Hooded Dog Bathrobe towel comes with an adjustable strap to make sure it doesn’t move around whilst you’re driving (we don’t want it getting caught on anything!) and it has a front velcro fastening meaning you don’t have to struggle to get it over a dogs head, instead, just wrap it around their neck and velcro closed, easy!

(Reviews say these come up a bit large in sizing so bear that in mind when ordering for your clients)

Notable Mention

dog dring coat

A quick final mention to include the Kooa deluxe microfibre drying coat from Zooplus.

It’s an outstanding item for the price point but as of publishing this article (January 2024) it’s only available in a large size which is why it failed to sneak into our top three choices.

Here’s why the Kooa Deluxe stands out:

  • Extra Comfort: The double layer of microfibre fabric makes it warm and absorbent.
  • Time-Saving: Your dogs will dry off faster on their way home eliminating any time consuming toweling down of the dog once you arrive.
  • Secure Fit: The wide Velcro flap on the belly ensures a snug and secure fit that won’t slide about in transit, while the adjustable collar with press studs allows for dressing without the dog having to put their head through any neck holes.
  • Convenient Care: Machine washable at a low 30 degree temperature saving you money when doing a wash at home.

Check the latest price and availability at Zooplus here.

So there we have it, a range of dog drying coats for all sizes and budgets. Not only will your dogs be happier and drier, but your car will be cleaner too! Roll on summer…


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